She’s always watching – BLMF Literary Saloon Seattle

image_1When I got into Seattle on Sunday afternoon I wandered an hour away from where I’m staying on the UW campus (Go Huskies!) to go see Pike’s Place Fish Market so I would have cool photos to post on Instagram, thereby tricking my friends into believing that library-related business travel is wicked cool and fun.

I watched the throwing of the fishes for a few minutes but since no one really goes to Pike’s Place to buy fish anymore, only to gawk at the throwing, there wasn’t much of interest going on so of course I found the closest bookstore.

Much respect to Seattle for having reasonable enough rents in your largest tourist attraction to allow a used bookstore to set up shop. BLMF Literary Saloon has been in its basement nook at Pike’s since 1996 so presumably things are going ok. The tiny shop carries mostly paperbacks and mass market fiction. They did have a great selection of sci-fi so if that’s you’re thing, you’re sure to find something to fill your Seattle-reading needs.

If you’re looking for literary fiction the shopkeeper will probably send you across the street for a better selection but there’s gold in them thar hills! In my browsing I found a first edition of Margaret Atwood’s the Blind Assassin, with dust jacket, mint condition, for $9.95.  I’m not saying the Houghton Library is going to come calling for this particular volume to fill a collection gap – just that there are gems if you’re willing to dig.

Bonus Point #1: They have a $2 trolley of paperbacks out front which is my favourite thing about all used bookstores.

Bonus Point #2: This lady, watching for shoplifters:





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