Where’d you go?


I’ve resisted reading Where’d you go Bernadette because of its popularity. Everyone knows popular books can’t be good. But I was on a beach holiday this week and the book is available in paperback (rare for literary fiction) so I picked it up, knowing that none of my travel companions was bookish enough to judge me for my choice.

Why didn’t you make me read this book ages ago you jerks?

Here is a list of reasons Red Brick Readers should have told me I was missing out on a good thing and a list of reasons you should read Semple’s best selling book if you are exactly like me.
1. The titular character is constantly making digs against Canadians. As a Canadian, I feel validated when mentioned in American publications.
2. The book is set in Seattle, where I visited earlier this summer. Reading books or watching films where I am familiar with the location makes me feel smug and worldly.
3. The main character is a high strung, slightly crazy, female genius. Sound like anyone you know? [me, obviously]
4. Physical comedy! There’s a bit with a mudslide knocking out a PTAish event. Gold.
5. The novel is (sort of) written in the epistolary style meaning I got to feel like I was creeping someone’s private correspondence which is a feeling I enjoy almost as much as smugness.
6. Humour at the expense of tech firm employees. Microsoft inferiority complex humour.

If I were using my serious voice today I would tell you how refreshed I was by Semple’s style or how much I enjoyed the mother-daughter relationship but I’m still on holiday so I’ll just tell you to get this book for the Canada jokes and stay for the PTA passive-aggression.


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