Please listen to Serial so we can trade conspiracy theories


Searching my phone for a photo to accompany an unplanned blog post is always a fun exercise. Today you get a screenshot.

Serial isn’t a book but it is a piece of reporting (piece of art? piece of work?) that I am currently obsessed with because it is brilliant but no one else in my circle seems to be talking about it.

(What’s up Toronto friends? You’re too cool for pod casts now?)

What is Serial?

Serial is a podcast from the folks at NPR. It’s a spin-off of This American Life; a serialized version of a longer story. The (true) story is about the murder of a teenager, Hae Min Lee, fifteen years ago in Baltimore. The murder victim’s ex-boyfriend Adnan Syed was convicted of her murder, so that crime was solved.

Or was it? [dun dun dun….]

Who are these people making Serial?

Glad you asked. Like I said, it’s brought to you by the folks at NPR as a spin-off of This American Life and it’s hosted and produced by Sarah Koenig. She’s an NPR radio journalist, not a true crime writer, so the conventions of genre writing (reporting? story-telling?) are left out of the package. She’s a talented and thorough reporter and researcher but she speaks with the casual, self-effacing voice that regular TAL listeners will recognize.

Where can I listen to Serial?

This is where it might get tricky for all the moms and pops out there. The easiest way to listen to Serial (for iOS devices) is to download the podcast app, search for Serial, and subscribe. Ira Glass explains it really well in the video below.

The pod casts will be downloaded to your device and you can listen to them anywhere. If that seems to complicated or if you think you’re cool just listening at home, you can do so through the Serial website here:

When should I listen to Serial?

Right now obviously. The fact that you’re still reading and not over at is frankly a little insulting. New episodes are released on Thursday mornings so plan your week accordingly. I only started listening to Serial on Monday and now I’m stuck with a Thursday morning meeting that I can’t reschedule so the earliest I can get my next episode fix is lunchtime. Don’t be like me.

Why are you so excited about Serial?

Besides the fact that it’s awesome and I need to know if Adnan did it? It’s totally different than anything out there. While you’re waiting for new episodes you’ll probably Google “pod casts if you like Serial,” and you’ll find that there is no one else out there doing this sort of thing. It’s like how novels used to be serialized in magazines and everyone would wait for the next volume except it’s nothing like that because it’s a true story and no one, even the reporter, knows how it’s going to end. That shit cray.

Anything else?

Yes! Do you think Adnan did it? If not, who did?


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