Imma let you finish but Red Brick Reads has one of the best summer reading lists of all time

Listen. Everyone and their uncle Fred is going to provide you with a list of books you should read this summer.┬áThe evil book publishing industry (jk, I love you guys) has conspired to convince you that you ┬áhave nothing but free time in the summer so they put out lists on lists on lists of stuff you should be reading. Books to take to the beach! Books to take on your Parisian vacation! Books to read in the park on a sunny Saturday! Books to take on the subway but then not actually read because it’s too crowded and you can’t reach into your bag without touching the butt of the guy in front of you!

This summer, your friends at Red Brick Reads are buying into the lie of extra reading time and we’re getting on the reading list train with the best reading list out there. What make our reading list so great? We’ve seasoned our list with a spice that makes every dish better. The musical stylings of Mr. Kanye West. At the beach? A Parisian cafe? A sun-soaked park bench? We have the book for you, and the Kanye album to pipe into your ears as you read it.

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The Book On Publishing: the story of The Art of Fielding via Vanity Fair

The Book On Publishing: the story of The Art of Fielding via Vanity Fair

Mosey on over to Vanity Fair to read Keith Gessen’s account of The Art of Fielding‘s ten year journey towards publication. It’s an inside look at modern publishing that scores bonus points for making those of us who didn’t publish our first best-seller by age twenty-five feel a wee bit better about things.