She’s such a Samantha: Deepti Kapoor’s ‘A Bad Character’

There’s not a moral to this story. Deepti Kapoor’s main character (I didn’t realize until right this second that none of the characters have names. Huh.) snorts blow, screws strangers, and lies to her loved ones. She doesn’t wind up at the top of the heap, but neither does she wind up buried by her sins. That isn’t what this book is about.

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A non-exhaustive list of RBR’s most anticipated books of 2015

Cover of Making Nice by Matt Summell. Via Summell’s Facebook page.

Yesterday’s announcement of the publication date for Judy Blume’s new novel got me wondering what else was in store for 2015. I did some digging and put together a list of the books I’m most excited to read in 2015. It was only after I put together the list that I noticed some themes.

1) Bad-ass-bitches

2) Perspectives other than those offered by white dudes who went to the Iowa Writer’s Workshop (not that those aren’t good too sometimes).

I wasn’t sniffing around for an “alternative” books like, I just chose titles, mostly from mainstream publishers, that sounded exciting. Pretty great that what you see below is the list I ended up with.

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