A February weekend reading list starring David Carr

We have a long weekend (“bank holiday” for our British Red Brick Readers) here in Toronto which has meant lots of time for reading and watching over the last three days. That has meant three days to reflect on the work of a great writer, David Carr, who died on Thursday. Carr was the media critic for the New York Times. A respected, if not sexy position, Carr had an above-average level of name recognition because he was the character who stole the 2011 Times documentary Page One.

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Charlie Hebdo and Free Speech

Hi y’all. I have no Kanye jokes for you today because nothing’s funny about the gunning down of ten staff of the satirical publication Charlie Hebdo and two police officers in Paris today. If you’re here at RBR it’s because you love books and I hope that means you also love the rights of artists, writers, and other creators to free speech. It’s a shit day today. Max Read at Gawker has prepared an excellent overview of Charlie Hebdo and their previous controversies. And by controversies I mean “times they exercised free speech in ways that likely led to the death of 12 people today.”

What a shit day.

Over at Gawker: The Original Gone Girl

Guys. Do you  know who is publishing some of the best book writing around these days? The dick-pic sharing, celebrity-gossip filled, former sister site of Fleshbot; Gawker. Largely on the strength of the writing of Michelle Dean, but slowly growing, the site has added the Gawker Review of Books and in anticipation of the release of the Gone Girl movie next month they published a fascinating piece last week about Daphne du Maurier and Rebecca.

We’ll be back with some thoughts on some recent books later this week but in the meantime, head over to Gawker and peruse some excellent, if unexpected, book writing.

Mockingbird gets messy

What happened between those last meetings between the Lees and Mills and the present dispute is very complicated, as captured in a ream of conflicting letters and statements

We’ll be covering Marja Mills’ The Mockingbird Next Door in the coming weeks, but in the meantime, head over to Gawker and read Michelle Dean’s excellent breakdown of the controversy surrounding Harper Lee’s authorization of the biography. Compelling stuff.