New York Magazine is in charge today

I’m in the middle of a bad, bad, bad week that even the wonderful world of fiction isn’t remedying. While I’m on hiatus, the excellent Books staff at New York Magazine have seven suggestions for books to scratch your Gone Girl itch.

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I declare this week ‘convince a loved one to read Gone Girl’ Week

ggThe Gone Girl movie comes out this Friday and if you’re anything like me, you’ll be pretending to enjoy the out-of-town wedding of a lifelong friend while actually being grumpy as fuck that you’re missing opening weekend.

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Over at Gawker: The Original Gone Girl

Guys. Do you  know who is publishing some of the best book writing around these days? The dick-pic sharing, celebrity-gossip filled, former sister site of Fleshbot; Gawker. Largely on the strength of the writing of Michelle Dean, but slowly growing, the site has added the Gawker Review of Books and in anticipation of the release of the Gone Girl movie next month they published a fascinating piece last week about Daphne du Maurier and Rebecca.

We’ll be back with some thoughts on some recent books later this week but in the meantime, head over to Gawker and peruse some excellent, if unexpected, book writing.

The Amy Dunne fan club; on Gillian Flynn’s cool female characters

dark gg sharp

**Gone Girl and Sharp Objects spoilers below**

Of the major female characters in Gillian Flynn’s three novels; Amma, the little sister in Sharp Objects is probably the least believable, and Amy, the protagonist/antagonist in Gone Girl is probably the most believable. Don’t agree? I would argue that the trope of the evil little girl is both unoriginal and based on little more than the popular imagination’s rendering of Lizzie Borden, while we all know a bitch in real life that might be as crazy as Amy Dunne.

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