Consolation Prize

What did RedBrick read this month? A series of tweets by the best human to ever write using that art form, Mr. Kanye West. For context, West is releasing a long-anticipated new album soon, and he tweeted to announce that the album’s title, previously Swish, was now Waves.


Wiz Khalifa, for reasons I’m not going to go into here, objected to the title change, and West objected to Khalifa’s objection.

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Long weekends call for critical discussions of the albums of Kanye West

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 presetPreferably in essay form (so you can read in a lounge chair while sipping a cocktail) and by someone who generally agrees with you about all things West-related (because it’s the long weekend and you ain’t got no time for dissent).

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Imma let you finish but Red Brick Reads has one of the best summer reading lists of all time

Listen. Everyone and their uncle Fred is going to provide you with a list of books you should read this summer. The evil book publishing industry (jk, I love you guys) has conspired to convince you that you  have nothing but free time in the summer so they put out lists on lists on lists of stuff you should be reading. Books to take to the beach! Books to take on your Parisian vacation! Books to read in the park on a sunny Saturday! Books to take on the subway but then not actually read because it’s too crowded and you can’t reach into your bag without touching the butt of the guy in front of you!

This summer, your friends at Red Brick Reads are buying into the lie of extra reading time and we’re getting on the reading list train with the best reading list out there. What make our reading list so great? We’ve seasoned our list with a spice that makes every dish better. The musical stylings of Mr. Kanye West. At the beach? A Parisian cafe? A sun-soaked park bench? We have the book for you, and the Kanye album to pipe into your ears as you read it.

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Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie and Kanye West: on Americanah and how to talk about race in America


I only devoted about fifteen minutes to this research, so I might have missed it, but I could not find any evidence that Barack Obama has ever called Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie a jackass.

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie wrote a novel about love and romance in Nigeria and America. Doing so, Adichie wrote a sharp, funny and honest depiction of life in Nigeria and race in America. In reading the interviews Adichie has given since Americanah won the National Book Critics Circle Award for Fiction, I have found that many interviewers seem befuddled by the fact that Adichie would approach the subject of race through the lens of a love story. I’m a reader, not a critic or an interviewer and I understand, support, appreciate the fact that Adichie tells her story of a Non-American Black who chooses to come to America and then chooses to leave through the lens of romance.

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