What’s a Barracuda?

barraChristos Tsiolkas is a master storyteller. He tackles big themes, writes interesting characters, and delivers great dialogue but I want to talk about his ability to spin a yarn.

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Q&A with Ariel Schrag via New York magazine

What if the mainstream needed to prevail in the marginalized space?


We loved Ariel Schrag’s book Adam. Check out her recent conversation with New York magazine about sex scenes, the New York ‘scene,’ and getting her revenge with a strap-on.

Adam and other books to get you in the mood (for Pride)

UnknownWorld Pride week has just wrapped up here in Toronto and in honour of the parades all over the world, let’s talk about Ariel Schrag’s new novel Adam.

Our hero Adam is a seventeen year old boy who goes to spend the summer with his sister in New York. His California life of third-wheeling with young teenage couples in hot tubs is replaced by a Brooklyn existence and his sister’s group of LGBT friends. There’s a hot redhead in the mix. Hilarity ensues.

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