Funny Girl; or how I learned stop worrying and love punctuation in titles


I had never read anything by Nick Hornby before this week. Is that strange? I knew who he was, of course, and could even list the books he had written (About a Boy, High Fidelity) but I missed the Nick Hornby fandom train, a train I know must exist because he is one of few writers who has his name attached to movie projects (eg. Wild, for which he did the screenplay adaptation) in order to make them look more attractive. Nevertheless, charmed by the two Fever PItch* movies, I made a point of ordering Funny Girl when I saw Hornby was releasing a new book this year.

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New York Magazine is in charge today

I’m in the middle of a bad, bad, bad week that even the wonderful world of fiction isn’t remedying. While I’m on hiatus, the excellent Books staff at New York Magazine have seven suggestions for books to scratch your Gone Girl itch.

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