A Sense of Dread in The Book of Strange New Things

indexIf you were a writer of books, and your world was ending, what kind of book would you write?

In 2012 Michel Faber gave an interview with the Telegraph in which he talked about losing his ability to immerse himself in the world of his work, since his wife had been diagnosed with cancer. He says that his art requires a head space that shuts other people out, but he couldn’t do that when he was focused on taking care of his wife. In that interview, Faber says his wife is in remission so he is hoping he will be able to disappear back into the world of his novel, to complete the book that he had been trying to write for years. That book is 2014 The Book of Strange New Things. Faber’s wife, Eva, died while he was completing his final revisions.

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Exciting new books for fall 2014: the Red Brick Reads autumn semester syllabus

road narrows

Quit complaining about summer drawing to a close (I can hear you through the internet, I have the technology) and be excited for the excellent autumnal book releases heading your way. Here’s our list of books to keep your hands busy as we approach sweater and boots season.

P.S. I know, and you know, that Margaret Atwood and David Mitchell have books out this fall so I didn’t list them because you already know about them. Branch out a little, will ya?

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