First position: Ballet 422 and your Sunday reading list

If you’re someone who makes things, if you’re someone who loves beautiful things, or if you’re someone who needs to know how things are made, seek out the documentary Ballet 422. The film follows 25 year old corps de ballet member Justin Peck of the New York City Ballet as he choreographs the company’s 422nd ballet. As a corps member, Peck is a bottom-tier dancer with the company, but his work in a choreography workshop was promising enough that was been entrusted with the commission of an original ballet. And hilarity ensues.

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A February weekend reading list starring David Carr

We have a long weekend (“bank holiday” for our British Red Brick Readers) here in Toronto which has meant lots of time for reading and watching over the last three days. That has meant three days to reflect on the work of a great writer, David Carr, who died on Thursday. Carr was the media critic for the New York Times. A respected, if not sexy position, Carr had an above-average level of name recognition because he was the character who stole the 2011 Times documentary Page One.

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