First position: Ballet 422 and your Sunday reading list

If you’re someone who makes things, if you’re someone who loves beautiful things, or if you’re someone who needs to know how things are made, seek out the documentary Ballet 422. The film follows 25 year old corps de ballet member Justin Peck of the New York City Ballet as he choreographs the company’s 422nd ballet. As a corps member, Peck is a bottom-tier dancer with the company, but his work in a choreography workshop was promising enough that was been entrusted with the commission of an original ballet. And hilarity ensues.

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Adelle Waldman sticks up for the novel in the New Yorker

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We like Adelle Waldman quite a bit around here so if you get some time today (it’s December, you know you’re not getting any work done) head to the New Yorker where Waldman answers claims that the traditional form of the novel is becoming obsolete.

We love two things here at RBR – Kanye West and reading about reading. Waldman’s essay satisfies some of our Wednesday cravings.

The structure, story, and heartbreak of Us


If you’ve never read a book by David Nicholls, I’ll bet you still know something about him and his style of writing.
Don’t believe me?
Think about the book/movie One Day. It’s a sort-of disastrous Anne Hathaway movie and I’m sure you know that the concept involves returning to the same characters once per year, always on the same day. I haven’t read or seen it but I imagine that after much heartbreak, Anne Hathaway falls in love on the very day we revisit her.
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