Bookish tie-ins in Shondaland and other stories

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A couple of major publications took time over the weekend to write about some of RBR’s favourite things. Thanks guys!

Elise Taylor at Vanity Fair hypothesizes that How to Get Away With Murder is inspired by Donna Tartt’s classic novel The Secret History. We’re obsessed with the Viola Davis-driven show, have long been smitten with Tartt’s novel, and love nothing more than a pop culture-literary fiction tie-in. Remember when we proved that Murakami’s latest novel was a Gossip Girl fanfic?

Meanwhile, at New York Magazine, we take a close look at New York’s the Strand bookstore and learn how they’ve managed to stay afloat in the age of Amazon.

Lots of great bookish reading makes for easier Monday mornings.


Your weekend longread via Vanity Fair – let’s talk about publishing

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In my professional life I spend lots of time thinking about things like print vs. digital pricing and the survival of traditional publishing models. If you’re a writer or a reader, you’ll want to check out Keith Gessen’s excellent piece in Vanity Fair about Amazon, ebooks, publishers, and what it all means for our literary future.

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The Book On Publishing: the story of The Art of Fielding via Vanity Fair

The Book On Publishing: the story of The Art of Fielding via Vanity Fair

Mosey on over to Vanity Fair to read Keith Gessen’s account of The Art of Fielding‘s ten year journey towards publication. It’s an inside look at modern publishing that scores bonus points for making those of us who didn’t publish our first best-seller by age twenty-five feel a wee bit better about things.